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About us

The Hispanic Jewish Adventure

The first Jews began to settle in the Iberian Peninsula, Sepharad, almost 3000 years ago. They settled in several cities to which they
contributed their culture and knowledge, while they impregnated with the existing ones.

Its impact was massive in all areas of life… from medicine to commerce, to literature and philosophy. This enriching blend today forms the essence of Spain.
The Jews expelled in the 15th and 16th centuries were the ancestors of the Sephardim of today. They began a vital diaspora to Portugal, the Netherlands, Turkey, the Balkans, and the Maghreb from where a new Hispanic Jewish adventure began to
other destinations in Latin America, the UnitedStates, the United Kingdom, and even China. They brought with them their prayers, songs, traditions, knowledge, and above all, their values.

We want to establish a new relationship
between the Jewish community and the
Spanish speaking world by exposing their
common history and their shared values.

Mission and Objectives

The Hispanic Jewish Foundation (HJF) was founded in 2016, after the approval of a law which enabled descendants of Sephardim to obtain Spanish nationality.

On June 11 2015, the Spanish Congress of Deputies approved the Spanish nationality law of Sephardim. This law allowed the acquisition of Spanish nationality to the descendants of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492, without having to renounce their previous nationality or require residence in Spain. It is estimate that some 36,182 nationalities have been processed. 

The HJF has also established in Miami the Hispanic Jewish Endowment Inc, a charity that promotes the participation of people from the
United States in the conception and creation of the HJM.


The founding objective of the HJF is to give light to the history of 2000 years of Jewish presence in Spain and to value the legacy of Hispanic Jewish culture worldwide.

The main project of the HJF is to build the HispanoJudío Museum in Madrid where it will show the deep Jewish roots in Hispanic culture

The foundation has proposed to recover, through the Museum, the historical Jewish heritage in Spain and Latin America (Iberoamerica), which at large has remained unknown to the general public throughout many centuries.

The HJF promotes educational and cultural programs that create empathy and show shared values between Hispanics and Jews.

It favors the recovery of the historical memory of the role played throughout many centuries of our history by Jews in Spain and in the world.

The HJF in numbers


Members of the International Board of Trustees characterized by diverse backgrounds and religions.


International Advisory Board members from different fields of culture, politics and business.


Associations of Friends (active and future) HJF speakers in the world.


Benefactors, companies and entrepreneurs renowned internationally.



Friends distributed worldwide.


Activities developed by the HJF since it's creation in 2016.


Agosto 2019 - Visita al Vaticano 5.jpg

Members of the Board of Trustees

Mauricio Botton Carasso (Honorary President)
Charlotte Staticelli-Revel de Botton (Honorary President) 
David Hatchwell Altaras (Chairman)
Francisco Javier Cremades García (Vice Chairman) 
Pablo Kleinman (Vice Chairman)
Santiago Fierro de Orueta (General Secretary)
Mariola Ruiz (Deputy Secretary)

Miguel Abadi 
Nini Achinoam (Noa) 
Alicia Alcocer Koplowitz 
Monique Altaras Amram 
Felix Arroyo Pujol 
Samuel Bengio 
Isaac Benzaquen Chocrón 
Astrid Benzaquen Misrahi 
Jennie Cababie de Serur 
Ignacio Calderón Lanczyner 
Nacho Cano 
Juan Luis Cebrían Echarri 
David Chocrón Bendayan 
Bibiña Chocrón Bentata 
Jaime Chocrón Israel
Moisés Chocrón Macías  
Sergio Ciklik Sneider 
Claudia Cisneros Fontanals 
Solita Cohen Bendayan 
Pedro Cortina Koplowitz 
Juan Ignacio Entrecanales Franco 
Luis y Heidi Epelstein 
Nily Falic 
Aaron Feldman 
Joseph Fidanque Tercero 
Michael Friedman
Rocío Gil Oset 
Lucía Goy Mastromiechele 
Eric Gross 
Susan Guenun Serfaty 
Alberto y Karen Guindi  
Sarah Halioua Bencheton 

Kareen Hatchwell 
Blas Herrero
Nicolas Kogan
Alicia Koplowitz Romero de Juseu 
Marcos Metta Cohen 
Edward Misrahi 
Andrés Orchansky 
Natalia Ordenes 
Alberto Palatchi Ribera 
Dick  y Yael Rubinstein 
Diana Rubinstein 
David Peñaloza Sandoval 
Jimmy Pinto Toledano 
Alejandro Pitashny 
Alberto Isaac Saba Ades 
Silvia Sacal 
Mauricio Sacal Atri 
Linda Scaperotto de Matutes
Familia Serur de Shrem  
Adrián Sucari 
David y Berta Sutton Dabbah  
Ezequiel Szafir Holcman 
Cindy Teperman 
Luis Vidal 
Núria Vilanova Giralt 
Jannet y Mauricio Wapinski 
Saúl Weisleder Weisleder 
Donna Weiss Lam 
Stuart Weitzman 
Darío Werthein Lam
Elissa Wuliger 
Dinah y Mayer Zaga 
Yusef Zaher 

Sadia Cohen Zrihen Z’L 
Daniel Rubinstein Lach Z’L 
David Serur Edid Z’L 


Jean David Benichou 
Jorge Cosmen 
Mónica y Pepe Daniel 
Josi y Carla Eshkenazi 
Fundación Ramón Areces 
Jorge Navea 
Leandro Sigman Gold 

Advisory Board

Composed by 21 outstanding personalities from different fields in business, culture, institutional, economic, scientific, and artistic; Each one of them provides their know-how and advice in the most relevant actions to be developed by the HJF and the HJM.

All friends on the Advisory Board have a common denominator: Their great human and professional values, which together with their diverse and multidisciplinary vision, constitutes a great source of knowledge.

Consejo-Asesor (002).png

Executive Committee

David Hatchwell, Spain

Javier Cremades, Spain

Pablo Kleinman, USA

Santos Benbunan Benchimol, Spain

Joseph Fidanque III, Panama

Rocio Gil Oset, Spain

Edward Misrahi, Israel

Elissa Wuliger, USA

Alejandro Pitashny, Argentina

Shulamith Serur de Shrem, Mexico

Ezequiel Szafir Holcman, Spain

International Associations of Friends of the HJF


Alejandro Pitashny, president



Edward Misrahi, president


Shula Serur de Shrem, president

Jennie Shrem de Benabib, director


Mauricio Wapinsky, president

Ingrid Fiehn,  director


Joseph Fidanque III, president


Elissa Wuliger, president


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