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A show that fuses Spanish, Jewish and Arab cultures through dance and flamenco music, enriched with the poetry of Umm Kulthum translated into Hebrew.

"Haflamenca" is a celebration of flamenco with original music by guitarist Manuel Cazás and the extraordinary voice of Israeli artist Mor Karbasi. The dancer Adva Yer is inspired by the work known as "Inta Omri" to create this show that unites three cultures through flamenco dance, flamenco-Arabic music and the poetry of Umm Kulthum translated into Hebrew.

This event seeks to celebrate the connection between cultures, the dialogue between the arts and the union between people, remembering the words of Umm Kulthum: "there is nothing sweeter than love" (from her song "Darkha of Love", 1964 ).

Flamenco music reveals in every note and sound the rich multicultural mosaic that makes it up, fusing gypsy roots and Andalusian characteristics with ancient Jewish and Arab influences.


Artistic direction and dance:

Adva Yer (@adva.yer)

Original music and guitar

Manuel Cazás (@manuelcazaspena)

Guest artist - vocals

Mor Karbasi (@mor_karbasi)

Lute and Camanche

Evyatar Morad (@evyatarmorad1)


Juañarito Carrasco (@juanaritomusic)


José Montaña (@josecajonmontana)

guest dance

Pablo Fraile (@pablo_fraile_bailaor)


Mizical (@mizical_produccion)


Javier Schejtman (@javier_schejtman)


HispanoJudía Foundation (@hispanojudia)

know us

We invite you to learn more about our foundation and activities at:

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