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The HispanoJudía Foundation and Metro de Madrid sign a rental contract for the space of the HispanoJewish Museum.

The first step towards a new era in the preservation and celebration of the immense Jewish heritage in the Spanish-speaking world.

Madrid, January 23, 2024 _The HispanoJudía Foundation and the Metro de Madrid company have signed a contract for the transfer of a property located on Castelló Street, on a 30-year rental basis for an amount of 19.4 million euros .

Metro awarded the Hispano-Jewish Foundation, after a tender, the lease for a period of 30 years of the building located on 21 Castelló Street in Madrid, the former metropolitan electrical substation for the Salamanca neighborhood area.
It is a space designed by architect Antonio
Palacios, made up of a group of buildings and has a façade of high historical-artistic value. The building will be meticulously renovated and restored, respecting the original work of the Spanish architect.
After eight years of tireless effort and dedication, the HispanoJudía Foundation has achieved this dream, opening a space dedicated to the dissemination of HispanoJewish culture and history.

According to David Hatchwell, president of the HispanoJudía Foundation, “this museum is the fruit of the collaboration of numerous people and organizations that have shared our vision and have contributed with their support and work. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has made this project possible. Your commitment and enthusiasm have been fundamental to achieving this achievement. This museum is not only an exhibition place, but a bridge between cultures and a testimony of the immense and diverse Jewish history in Spain and the Spanish-speaking world.”
Located in the heart of Madrid, the Hispano-Jewish Museum will be a learning and meeting center for all those interested in exploring Jewish contributions to culture, history and the arts. Through its exhibitions, educational programs and cultural events, the museum aims to foster dialogue, understanding and mutual respect.
The museum will present and expose in an innovative way the immense cultural heritage left by the presence of Judaism in Spain and the rest of the world after more than 2,000 years of presence in the Iberian Peninsula.
The museum will also serve as a valuable resource for educators, students, researchers and the general public interested in Jewish history and culture. It will be a place that will promote essential and universal values, such as tolerance, diversity and reciprocal understanding or respect for nature.
“We are convinced that doing it in Madrid is a great success. From the capital of Hispanicism, the world will be able to learn about the immense Jewish legacy”, David Hatchwell.
It is an innovative concept, a unique cultural and educational space, in which experience, interactivity and technology will form a unique tandem.
The Hispano-Jewish Museum is scheduled to open in the summer of 2026.
Together with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Ayuso, we celebrate this achievement and look towards a future of continuous learning, discovery and connection.


About the HispanoJudía Foundation
The Hispanic Jewish Foundation was established in 2016, after the approval of the law that enables descendants of Sephardim to obtain Spanish nationality. Its founding objective is to shed light on the history of the more than 1,800 years of Jewish presence in Spain and to value the legacy of Spanish-Jewish culture throughout the world.
Hispanic Jewish Endowment, is its sister Foundation in the US, a charity that promotes the participation of people from the United States in the conception and creation of the future museum of Madrid, its most important project at a global level.
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